Serena Williams Shares Sexy Bikini Selfies

07/29/2016 at 09:11 PM ET

You’ve been served.

Tennis all star Serena Williams is doling out sexy in her newest Snapchat selfies.

Serena Williams/Snapchat

On Tuesday, the 22-time Wimbledon winner let her fans in on a poolside R&R session, as she shared multiple snaps on the social media app.

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See the Many Balmain Dress Options Kim Kardashian Tried on for the Met Gala

07/29/2016 at 08:07 PM ET

When you’re BFFs with Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing, you have the luxury of picking and choosing from the most exquisite custom couture closet. That’s the case for Kim Kardashian West.

Before she chose this ensemble for this year’s Manus x Machina-themed Met Gala, the reality star had tried on several body-hugging metallic selections that all translated futuristic vibes.

“The process of getting ready for an event like this is intense; it really takes a village,” Kardashian West, 35, wrote on her website and app. “At this time, my post-pregnancy weight was still fluctuating and I was not at my goal yet, but I was trying so hard. Olivier and his entire Balmain team brought tons of options for me to try.”

With husband Kanye West by her side, the mother of two went through varying outfits for three hours. From cleavage-baring looks to mix and matching different tops and bottoms, Kardashian West made sure her final choice was the ideal costume.

“When I landed in New York at midnight, I immediately went to see Olivier for a 1 a.m. fitting, and we literally cut skirts in half, created tops from dresses, and stayed up until 4 a.m. to get the perfect option that we felt fit the theme,” she said, adding, “The good news is, I still have all the other pieces, so I can wear them for future events. What a dream come true!!!”

The Wests are loyal members of the Balmain army. Most recently, the rapper incorporated the Fall/Winter ’16 range into his “Wolves” music video starring ‘Ye, Vic Mensa, Sia and a slew of supermodels including, of course, Kardashian West.

Karen Mizoguchi

How the Loss of Anton Yelchin Changed Zoë Saldana's Star Trek Style Mantra

07/29/2016 at 06:32 PM ET

ZoeAdMedia/Sipa USA

If anyone knows her words have power, it’s Zoë Saldana, who’s been outspoken about everything from discrimination in Hollywood to living a balanced life as a mom. And she knows that her style can make a statement too.

“I’ve been getting this idea that I like basic colors like red and white, or just black and white and grays. I wanted to be more in black for this tour but for some reason, color is what I needed to do,” the actress, 38, tells PeopleStyle. “But when I got into fittings for this tour, we did the opposite, like beautiful fuschia and green.”

Saldana thinks that the untimely passing of her Star Trek Beyond co-star, Anton Yelchin, who died in a car accident June 19, sparked a change of heart. “Maybe it has to do a lot with what we’re going through with the loss of Anton,” she says. “Maybe color is a reminder that we should celebrate more of what we have in our lives because life is fragile and precious. Sometimes you just have to go with what life gives you because there’s a lesson there.”
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The Secrets Behind Duggar Hair: Jinger Reveals Her Routine for Super-Straight Strands

07/29/2016 at 05:32 PM ET

Jinger Duggar hair straightening videoSource: TLC

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been kept up late at night wondering how the women of the Duggar brigade keep their long, lustrous locks so shiny and healthy. (It’s an issue that haunts us all.) But don’t fret: Jinger is here to let us all in on the secret to her super-straight, waist-length strands in a brand-new tutorial. Read More

Jennifer Hudson on Showing off Her Curves: I Didn't Work This Hard to Cover Up!

07/29/2016 at 03:48 PM ET

Jennifer Hudson ny and coCourtesy New York & Company

This Dream Girl has found her dream denim! Jennifer Hudson just celebrated her one year anniversary as the face of New York & Company’s Soho Jeans line. For Hudson, having the items in the collection hug her curves was imperative.  “I’ve made a huge transition [with my weight]. There are things you want to try but you can’t always wear when you’re ‘plus size.’ So I feel like I am able to explore more, but I am still very conscious of every girl, every woman, every size,” she tells PeopleStyle. “I like high-waisted things. I love the pencil shape, which works regardless of your size. I feel like each one of these pieces represent that silhouette.”

Hudson says that her 80-lb. weight loss (which she shared the secrets to on the cover of PEOPLE in 2010) is one of the reason she now loves jeans— specifically skinnies. “I did not work this hard for this,” she says, gesturing to her body, “to hide it!” (Editor’s note: We feel compelled to point out that all the jeans are 50% off on today, making them all less than $40!)

Jennifer Hudson ny and co 2Courtesy New York & Company

So, the brand’s stretchy denim is designed with figure-flattering details like vertical seams down the front, diagonal whiskering detail (see Hudson in the “dynamite blue” wraparound legging, above), and angled zippered pockets (see Hudson in the white zip-accent high-waist legging jean, below).

@iamjhud's new collection is just as fabulous as she is. Proof. 👆 #itJustFits

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And yes, these white jeans are actually easy to wear, according to Hudson. That’s not only because of the zipper detail, but because of the high waist and the material itself.

“Having the comfort factor in there makes it work,” she says. “I always had an issue with jeans growing up because I’ve always been a tall girl. They’re too short at the foot, and when they’re long enough, they’re too big at the hip. The trick is finding what fits your body, especially with white. These jeans form to your shape, and not every jean is going to do that. So even if you have the same style in black and white, the material changes with the color. It’s strategic.”

But no matter what fashion risks you choose to take, Hudson wants all women to be proud of what they’re working with: “Women, you’ve got to accent your curves!” she says.

–Catherine Kast

Don't Worry! Gwyneth Paltrow Is Not Consciously Uncoupling from Goop

07/29/2016 at 03:19 PM ET

Gwyneth PaltrowCharles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Goop without Gwyneth Paltrow? Not gonna happen. The actress and lifestyle guru plans to stay at the helm of the company despite reports to the contrary. She just wants to be more behind-the-scenes.

Paltrow spoke at the 2016 Sage Summit in Chicago this week, expressing that at some point she will probably “separate” herself from the brand.

“In order to build the brand I want to build, its scalability is limited if I connect to it,” she said to the crowd. “So I always think: ‘How can I grow the brand? How can I separate myself from the brand?’ and I think its going to be more its own brand.” Read More

Idris Elba Cannot Guess How Many Sneakers He Has

07/29/2016 at 03:08 PM ET

It may not surprise you to find out that the guy tapped to co-host the 2016 Met Gala — and the one who looks like, well, this in a tux — has an interest in fashion. The Emmy nominee (who’s currently promoting Star Trek, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to see him wear a suit) tells PeopleStyle that his interest in clothes goes way back — and includes a sneaker collection that might rival DJ Khaled’s.

Idris Elba superdryJohn Phillips/Getty

“I can’t even say [how many sneakers I have],” the actor said. “I have a whole room that has a container — half that container is trainers and shoes.” He’s currently loving Havaiana flip flops for summer, but you might see him rocking a pair of Kanye West’s designs as the weather cools down. “Believe it or not, the Yeezys are really nice stuff and I just got a nice pair that I love,” he says. “I am going to send him some of my gear and see if he likes that.”

His gear, of course, being his collection for Superdry — he’s on his second collaboration with the brand, which includes a range of tees (his favorite), jackets and shorts. And Elba says, he’s happy to be thought of as someone whose style is worth emulating.

“This line is something that is cool and affordable and represents me. I spend a lot of time in clothes and I’ve been complimented for a few years about the way I dress and that’s always been a nice feeling,” he says. “Whenever I go on red carpets I definitely pay attention … Long story short is yes, I kind of did have a beeline to want to be noticed in fashion a little bit. But not in a way that I am going to be the highlight of men’s fashion week and make a big splash like that.”

Despite the modesty, he made a major impact at the Met Gala in his Tom Ford tux, an experience Elba says was like a master class in red carpet dressing. “Tom Ford’s team is just immaculate to the inch. Every single detail is accounted for even to how you walk, where your hands should be,” he says. “I was told not to put your hands in the pockets. I was like, Oh, what do I do! I’m a man who puts my hands in my pockets. But I took away when you’re someone that is in fashion and you’re considered fashionable it’s all about that one moment when they take the picture, so look immaculate for it. It’s a fleeting second. And I definitely am a lot more conscious of that now that I am on the red carpet.”

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Idris Elba superdryJohn Phillips/Getty

When he’s off the red carpet, you can find him relaxing in a pair of patterned pants, which he says are the most surprising thing in his closet. “I have these African pants that are just made from African print. I wear them and I look a little bohemian, no one would ever think I would wear them because they’re super colorful and super baggy. I love those. Very easy to wear,” he says, adding that he wears them “just at home, when I am sort of, like chilling at the house. I got them from Ghana and I wore them a lot in Ghana. And then I got to London and I got conscious!”

That might come with the territory of having a teenage daughter (who has accompanied him to the Oscars and SAG Awards!) who’s at the age to critique her dad’s fashion choices. “She thinks I am cool — sometimes,” he says. “She says to me, ‘Dad, don’t you think your shorts are a little short?’ Oh no, I don’t actually, thank you very much.”

Despite the sass, she’s still on the shortlist to be his Emmys date; he’s nominated in the Leading Actor category, alongside fellow Brit Tom Hiddleston. “Tom and I are good friends. I’m looking forward to seeing him.” And Hiddleston’s date (who also happened to be a Met Gala co-host with Elba) Taylor Swift? “Psh – moving on!” he says, laughing. “Nah, I’m happy for him. He’s a great guy.”

What do you think of Elba’s style?

— Alex Apatoff
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